KLEX-D Learning chair with writing board

Cushion color: 黃色


KLEX-D Learning chair with writing board

KLEX series of office chairs have a generous and simple appearance, a solid structure, ergonomic design, a variety of colors endow the elegant charm of a goddess, and soft touch high-elastic sponge Seat cushions, wear-resistant and breathable woven fabrics, as well as a variety of chair legs and color configurations, outline a light and balanced artistic sense, and enrich the layering of the space, infinitely extending the atmosphere of freedom, KLEX series brings you unmatched comfort and flexible solutions.

Comfort: Integrated chair shell combined with ergonomic data perfectly interprets modernity and comfort
Stacking: A chair with stacking function, easy to store and save space
Move with you:The one-piece chair shell is made of elastic PP material, which can effectively relieve fatigue
Lifting function: Uses VIAS 60/70mm black three-stage air rod, which can easily adjust the height and guarantee the safety performance.

We believe that this training chair/meeting chair will be able to provide your company and employees with a better working experience and a more efficient meeting experience.

One of the many features of this training/meeting chair is its flexibility, which means it can be used in different situations. Not only is it suitable for long meetings, it can also be used for training sessions or any other occasion where prolonged sitting is required.

Dimensions: 575 x 815-875 x 565 mm



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