SC2 Steel Clothes Storage


KLT FURNITURE-SC2 Steel Clothes Locker

Hanging wardrobe, steel locker is a kind of furniture used to store clothes, usually used in schools, gymnasiums, factories and other places. It usually consists of one or more lockers, each usually with a drawer and a door, that can be used to store clothing and other items. The characteristics of steel lockers are that they are strong and durable, can withstand heavy loads, and are relatively easy to clean.

The structure and size of the steel locker can be selected according to the use environment and needs. For example, steel lockers used in schools are usually small enough to be placed in students' classrooms or locker rooms, while steel lockers used in gymnasiums and factories are usually larger and can meet the storage needs of more people. The material of steel lockers is usually metal, which can be selected according to the use environment and needs. In addition, the appearance of the steel locker is also very beautiful, which can match the use environment.

- Steel, electrostatic spraying treatment
- Provide different heights and compartment options
- Cabinet door with file insertion slot
- Use concealed handle to ensure the safety of users
- Optional combination lock

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