SC5 Zeta Double Rolling Door Steel Cabinet


KLT FURNITURE-SC5 Zeta Double Rolling Door Steel Cabinet

A steel file cabinet with double rolling doors is a type of storage cabinet commonly used to store files, paperwork, and other important materials. Unlike other file storage cabinets, their doors are made of plastic roll-up doors instead of traditional shutter or open doors.
This steel filing cabinet design is usually a frame made of steel and has one or more plastic roll-up doors. Users can access the files in the cabinet by opening or closing the rolling door. Plastic roll-up doors are designed to save space because they don't require the gate to be opened, while also providing better security. 
  • The rolling door can fully open the file cabinet, so that the storage is clear at a glance
  • In addition to the movable shelf, it can also be equipped with hanging file racks, drawers, etc.
  • A variety of colors can be selected
  • It can place files Clip
  • with movable shelf
  • optional: a variety of additional accessories such as horizontal hanging F4 file racks, drawers, drawers, extra shelves, etc.
  • The steel body is painted by powder coating and does not contain solvents , no three wastes and pollution
  • A variety of colors to choose from: light gray and off-white are common, and black, white, carbon gray and flashing silver can also be selected

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