Zeta Tall & Double Roller Door Cabinet


KLT FURNITURE-Zeta Tall & Double Rolling Door Cabinet

  • HeightRolling door filing cabinet is a special file storage cabinet, which is characterized by a rolling door that can be easily opened or closed. Unlike traditional sliding door filing cabinets, the doors of rolling door filing cabinets do not need to be opened, which makes it easier for users to access files and saves space.

    This type of file cabinet is characterized by a roll-up door design, and users can access the files in the cabinet by pulling the roll-up door. Rolling door file cabinets usually have adjustable shelves, and users can adjust the height of the shelves according to their needs, so as to store documents and materials of different sizes.


  • Rolling door file cabinet
  • Features:
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) drum door, compared with other rolling shutter doors, has higher strength, more durable color, high anti-scratch protection, stronger impact force, and better space utilization
  • 4 tier filing cabinet
  • Size: A4 and F4

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