KH-077C-X Training chair with writing desk


KLT FURNITURE- KH-077C-X Training chair with writing desk

Training chairs are chairs specifically designed for educational and training purposes and typically have the following features: Comfort: Training chairs are equipped with soft seat cushions and backs for long periods of sitting comfort. Stackable: Many training chairs are stackable for easy storage and space saving. Durability: Training chairs are usually made of strong materials such as metal and plastic for their durability and longevity. Connectivity: Many training chairs can be connected to easily create meeting and training spaces of any size. Functionality: Some training chairs have features such as adjustable heights and flip-tops to facilitate learning and training activities.

The flexible and multi-functional design can match the changing office space. The compact size makes Mimeo suitable for different venue needs and visual designs. With unique style and ergonomic design, HK-077C-X perfectly combines aesthetics and function, leading our ideals to different workspaces.


  • Size (mm): 920*565
  • Color: Black
  • Black nylon fiberglass chair body (with reclining function)
  • Styling sponge
  • PP fixed handrails
  • 25 tubes 1.8mm thick black spray painted chair frame
  • 50mm black nylon wheels


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