KH-233B Staff Chair with armrest


KH-233B Staff Chair with armrest

The economical and simple chair embodies the new design concept. It can adjust the inclination according to the user's weight and provide the best inclination tension without any additional operation. The mesh-style striped pattern enhances breathability, allowing users to feel a special fashion atmosphere.

Ergonomic multifunctional spine protection 3D armrest office chair is an office chair suitable for long-term use. It has many ergonomic designs, which can effectively reduce the physical discomfort caused by office work. Among them, the most important function is the spine protection function, which can support the spine, reduce the pressure on the waist and back, and allow users to maintain a good posture when sitting for a long time.

In addition, the 3D armrest design of the chair can be adjusted according to the user's arm height and angle, reducing the pressure on the arms and shoulders and improving the user's comfort. The chair also has functions such as rotation, lifting and computer tilting, which allow users to freely adjust the height and angle of the chair to adapt to different working environments.

In short, the ergonomic and multifunctional 3D armrest office chair is a very practical office furniture, which can effectively improve the user's working environment, reduce physical discomfort, and improve work efficiency.


Black nylon textile clothing, nylon netting
Ergonomic elastic self-fitting waist support
PU armrest surface 3D lifting armrest (lifting, rotating, front and rear)
Molded sponge
with Zhongtai four-speed locking self-loading chassis, with seat plate sliding function
SGS certified level 3 85 process countersunk 4 cm black steam rod
self-developed model∮350MM nylon high feet
∮60MM PU shockproof mute black wheel

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