KH-233B-LP Ergonomic Chair


KH-233B-LP Ergonomic Chair

KLT OFFICE FURNITURE, in order to make office workers sit more comfortably, has launched the latest ergonomic multifunctional spine protection 3D armrest office chair. This chair adopts the latest ergonomic design, which can provide a more comfortable sitting posture, so that office workers can reduce the problem of backache when sitting for a long time.

This chair has many functions, among which the most unique feature is the 3D armrest, which is different from the armrests of ordinary chairs. height and angle. In addition, the backrest and seat cushion of the chair can also be adjusted according to the body shape of the user to provide the most suitable support.

The most important thing is that this chair not only has a stylish and exquisite appearance, but also provides users with comprehensive spine protection, so that users can maintain good health at work. Sitting for a long time is one of the common health problems of modern people, and this chair can alleviate this problem, so that users no longer feel tired and uncomfortable at work.

This chair is the best companion for office workers, making work easier and more comfortable. The new ergonomic and multifunctional 3D armrest office chair is now available in major furniture stores, welcome to try it out!

Black nylon fiberglass chair body, ergonomic elastic adaptive waist support
Black fixed armrest
Cutting foam,
Lock the chassis in place
100#Sink mouth 4cm black steaming rod∮340GT black nylon legs
∮50/25 black PA wheels

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