KH-280A Breathable mesh chair


KH-280A Breathable mesh chair

This Korean imported material mesh chair is a swivel lift staff chair. The seat and backrest are made of high-quality mesh material, which is ventilated, not easy to be stuffy, and soft and comfortable. You will not feel uncomfortable when you sit for a long time. fatigue. The chair is equipped with a height-adjustable air bar, which can be adjusted according to the height of the user and the height of the table, allowing the user to sit more comfortably and ergonomically. In addition, the chair features a rotatable five-star base and silent wheels, allowing users to move around the office without causing noise and damaging floors. The overall design is simple and elegant, suitable for various office occasions.


・Mesh fabric imported from Korea
・Nylon plus glass fiber back frame + aluminum alloy polished side strip connection, 5-level lift headrest, 6-level adjustable waist bag
· 5-speed lock-by-wire forward tilt chassis, the seat plate can slide forward and backward
· Aluminum alloy armrest support + PU lifting armrest surface, with 3-speed left and right adjustment
·85# electroplating countersunk 8 cm black steam rod
·∮350 aluminum alloy high legs
·φ60MM black shockproof PU wheel


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