KH-369A-QW-KT Full Function Office Chair


KH-369A-QW-KT full function office chair

There are many advantages to using an ergonomic chair. First, they can help reduce the negative physical effects of prolonged sitting in a chair, such as back pain and neck and shoulder tension. When you sit for long periods of time in a chair that doesn't support your body posture, it puts a lot of strain on your body and can lead to long-term health problems. Using an ergonomic chair can relieve these stresses and ensure that your body is in the correct posture. Second, they increase productivity because you can focus more on your work when you feel comfortable and supported. In the end, using an ergonomic chair can improve the quality of your work because you can stay focused for longer when you feel comfortable and supported.

Ergonomic chairs are commonly used in offices, but can also be used in home offices or anywhere that requires prolonged sitting in a chair. In addition, they can also be used for people with special needs, such as people with disabilities or the elderly. If you have specific physical needs, you can opt for a specially designed ergonomic chair to ensure you receive maximum support and comfort. In addition, ergonomic chairs can also be used in places such as schools or libraries to ensure that students can sit in the chair for a long time without negative impact on the body.

Headrest: Black mesh lifting headrest;
Seat back: Black mesh + functional lumbar support
Chair frame: Black frame;
Armrest: Black linkage armrest
Seat cushion: Black Mesh seat;
chassis: 019 chassis;
air rod: 85#00 black air rod;
chair leg: 340 black nylon five-star foot;
caster: 50/25PU wheel

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