KH-021 Modern Series Office Chair Executive Chair Black Leather

color: L04


Ergonomic chairs are chairs that are ergonomically designed to reduce the physical impact of prolonged sitting, improving productivity and comfort. This chair has a flexible adjustment function, you can adjust the sitting posture, chair height and armrests, etc., so that you have the best sitting posture. If you often sit in the office for a long time, you may wish to consider buying an ergonomic chair, which can bring great help to your health and work.

Eames Style, KLT replicates the setup of aluminum elements for comfort and style. These durable office chairs look incredible in the office and create a great focal point for discussions. Without a certain amount of fun, there's much less business—at least, that's the thinking behind creating this classic.

Dimension(mm): W 590* D 600* H 420-500mm

  • Ergonomic design
  • Half leather: Brazil imported top-grain yellow cowhide veneer (seat surface) and high-quality western leather (back)
  • 1 cm 40 density high elastic sponge with tendon cloth
  • 1.8 thick iron plated edge strips, handrails
  • Luxury chassis with four-speed rear lock function
  • 50 tube 65# electroplating steam rod
  • ∮320 aluminum alloy horseshoe foot
  • ∮50MM black nylon wheel
  • This product and BIFMA SGS Cetificate quality standard certification

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