CT-52 Emas style office conference table


KLT FURNITURE- CT-52 Emas style office conference table

A conference table is an essential in any workplace or meeting room. The shape of the conference table will affect the atmosphere of the meeting and the degree of interaction with the meeting participants. A popular choice in modern conference room design is the round edge conference table. The round-edged conference table promotes collaboration and communication among participants. Effective communication begins with a comfortable and stylish meeting environment, creating an environment that promotes open communication and encourages everyone to participate in the dialogue to make better decision making.
The round edge conference table creates a warm environment for the meeting room, and the absence of sharp edges creates a more warm and friendly atmosphere. Participants are more likely to be relaxed and comfortable, which can lead to more productive and creative discussions. KLT OFFICE FURNITURE can provide you with the most suitable design and the most careful service, and create the most ideal and practical working space.

  • The size can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Provide single-board desktops
  • Die-cast aluminum table legs with black tubes
  • Rectangular/barrel table top
  • Optional with additional cable management

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