K-C1 Crank Standing Desk manual lift table

Desktop Type Desktop Type: Rectangular
Desktop Color Desktop Color: Black
Frame Color frame color: Black


KLT FURNITURE- K-C1 Crank Standing Desk Manual Lifting Desk-Standing Desk

Modern offices pay more and more attention to the health and comfort of employees, and manual adjustable desks are a kind of practical office furniture that can improve office work efficiency and employee health. A manual adjustable desk is a height-adjustable desk that allows employees to switch freely between standing and sitting. The use of such desks can reduce the physical damage of prolonged sitting and can help improve employee productivity and job satisfaction.

The design of the manual height adjustable table is very simple, just need to add a handle or button under the table to adjust the height of the table easily. This kind of desk does not need electric support, will not cause any impact on the environment, and the price is relatively low, which is more suitable for small offices.

Manual adjustable desks have become the latest trend in the office furniture market, and many companies have begun adopting them to improve the productivity and health of their employees. If you are looking for a simple and effective way to improve the working environment in the office, then manual adjustable desk is definitely an option worth considering.

Height Adjustable Standing Office Desk

Designed for maximum structural integrity, crank height adjustable desk frame features dual steel wall tubes , supports a load capacity of 80 kg. When setting up the frame on uneven ground, turn the adjustable pads built into the manual desk base for stability and a level footrest.

Multiple hand crank positions and removable cranks

  • The flexible hand crank on the manual height-adjustable desk can be mounted on the left or right side according to your personal preference. Simply remove the crank from the height-adjustable table stand and easily keep the crank out of your way when not in use.

  • Our frames are available in white, black and gray, making them perfect for different room decor styles.

  • Suitable for table tops with a width of 1200mm to 2000mm and a depth of 700mm to 800mm, max load: 80 KG

Details and dimensions

  • Rectangular tops come in a variety of sizes
  • Contour top not available in some sizes
  • Laminate top thickness: 25mm
  • Natural bamboo tabletop thickness: 25mm
  • Bamboo curved tabletop includes two grommets for better cable management
  • Whiteboard top thickness: 25mm
  • Lifting Mechanism: Crank
  • Lifting; collapsible handle
  • Load capacity: 80 KG
  • Height adjustment: 70 ~ 120cm
  • Stroke: 4.6mm/turn
  • Levels: Level 2
  • Table top size: width 120-160 cm, depth 60-80 cm, thickness ≥ 2 cm

Material: Particleboard A strong material that holds up well under pressure, creating stability with no weak spots desk.
Medium Density Fiberboard: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) - No knots or kinks that would mar a smooth finish.
Whiteboard: Using PET high-gloss film, the surface is smooth and durable, making your daily writing and display with marker pens a pleasure.

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