CT-30 Board Meeting Desk


CT-30 Board Meeting Desk

The boardroom table is an essential part of the boardroom. This is where board members sit down and discuss various issues. The conference table should be large enough to accommodate all board members and any necessary equipment, such as microphones or teleconferencing equipment. Its design provides proper seating arrangements for all board members. Conference tables should be designed to facilitate communication and collaboration among board members.

The size and design of the conference table play a critical role in the effectiveness of board meetings. The conference table is made of solid wood with black legs. The materials used are high-quality and durable. The design is stylish and elegant, and it is easy to clean, because the conference table is usually the centerpiece of the conference room.

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  • Wooden veneer table top
  • 30 x 60mm tubular square leg design
  • With under-table cable management
  • Available in different standard sizes

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