CT-32 Office Conference Table


KLT FURNITURE- CT-32 Office Conference Table

Large conference tables (12-20people) should be designed and functional with the size of the group and the size of the venue in mind. The appearance and material of the large conference table are also very important design elements. Many large conference tables can have surfaces such as wood, metal, or glass, which are sometimes matched to those of chairs or other furniture. In addition, many conference tables are available in different colors and designs to reflect the company's brand image or style.

The types of large conference tables can be differentiated by shape, size and material. Rectangular and round multi-person conference tables are the most common types because they can accommodate more people. In addition, there are some multi-person conference tables with special shapes, such as U-shaped, Y-shaped, and V-shaped ones, which allow participants to interact and discuss better.

The application of large conference tables can cover various occasions, such as corporate meetings, academic seminars, training courses, etc. In corporate meetings, the conference table can be used for decision-making, coordination and communication, which helps to improve work efficiency and teamwork. In academic seminars and training sessions, conference tables can be used for presentations and discussions, helping to facilitate knowledge exchange and learning.

Long-legged tables that match conference tables, made of solid wood and stylish in shape.

- Rectangular/Barrel Melamine Top

- Metal Legs with Beveled Design

- Available in Various Sizes

- With Attachments Cable management features

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