KC-142 Wooden Leg Bar Stool

color: White


KLT FURNITURE-KC-142 Wooden Leg Bar Stool 

We offer a variety of Bar Stool styles to choose from, such as industrial-style bar stools with metal frames, style bar stools with wooden frames and fabric seats, and classic bar stools made of cast iron. . Metal frame styles are perfect for industrial spaces, while cast iron and wood styles add classic elegance to spaces.

The high stool is moderate in size, with a height of about 65~75cm, providing a comfortable and stable use experience.

Office bar chairs with wooden legs have the following benefits:

  1. Increased productivity: The bar chair allows you to maintain a "semi-standing" posture, which helps improve blood circulation and alertness, allowing you to focus more on your work.
  2. High Comfort: The bar chair has a moderate seat height for long working days and has foot pads for comfortable support.
  3. Great utilization of space: Bar chairs are usually installed on high bar counters or cabinets, which can maximize the use of space.
  4. Stylish appearance: The stylish appearance of the bar chair is suitable for a modern office, especially when used with a high table, it can better reflect the fashion style of the office.
  5. Adjustable design: Bar chairs are usually equipped with an adjustment mechanism, which can be adjusted in height and angle according to the needs of the user, so as to provide more comfort that suits individual needs.

Choose a stool that fits the space in which it will be used and meets your individual needs for comfort and design. With so many options, you can always find a bar stool that fits any space.

  • Looking for inspiration from traditional ceramic tiles, incorporating oriental-style bar chairs, bringing the temperament and purity of oriental design
  • The shape of the curve follows the smooth line, smooth arc chamfering, forming a sense of flying line
  • The hidden design of the shell and chair leg connection ensures easy assembly and aesthetics
  • Dimensions (mm): 470 * 460 * 865 mm; Seat height: 680mm
  • Materials: Plastic, Wood
  • Color: Black/White/Green

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