SC9 - Manual Office Iron Cabinet


KLT FURNITURE-SC9 Manual Office Iron Cabinet

  • Hand push cabinet is a kind of furniture that is convenient for moving files and items, and it usually consists of one or more drawers and a stand. The feature of the push cabinet is that it can be moved easily, because it has wheels at the bottom, and the user can move the whole cabinet just by pushing it lightly, which is very convenient. The drawers of the hand-push cabinets can usually be locked to protect the safety and privacy of files and items. Hand-push push cabinets are usually used in offices, hospitals, laboratories and other places, and can be used to store documents, tools, instruments and other items. Hand-push push cabinets come in various sizes and shapes, which can be selected according to actual needs. The materials of the push cabinets are also different, some are made of metal, some are made of plastic, and you can choose according to the use environment and needs.

    - Movable large-scale combination filing cabinet
    - Fully manual push type
    - Fixed/movable single-sided group
    - Movable double-sided group
    - Movable laminate( 5 tier folder)
    - Depth is D450 / 650 / 850mm Option
    - Extension cabinets can be added to extend the overall width
    - Steel, electrostatic spraying treatment
    - Overall height is H2150 mm
    - Equipped with a lock head to ensure user safety and document privacy
    - Sliding doors or shutter doors can be added
    - Various accessories can be added
    - Pattern design stickers can be added

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