EC-102 Executive Leather Chair Black Leather Executive Chair


The seat design of the high-back high-quality leather chair adopts high-density sponge and high-quality leather, which can provide extremely high comfort, and can breathe and reduce the accumulation of sweat, so that the user can maintain Refreshing and comfortable state.

High-back high-quality leather chairs have a stylish appearance and beautiful design, which can not only enhance the overall image of the office, but also make users feel happy. In addition, the high-back high-quality leather chair has a very attractive appearance and a long service life. It is a very practical office chair style.

The high-back high-quality leather chair is an excellent office chair style. Its function and appearance design are perfect, and it can bring users high comfort and health protection. It is an indispensable part of the modern office .

Dimensions (cm): Width: 58cm; Height: 90cm; Depth: 52cm

Adjustable seat height 47 cm-56 cm

Material: Synthetic leather or genuine leather, PU or full genuine leather on the back

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