KC-101 Dining Chair

color: White


KLT- FURNITURE- KC-101 Dining Chair

KLTis committed to collecting various high-quality dining chairs styles for everyone, and creating a comfortable home life for customers in an all-round way.

You think that the styles of dining chairs on the market are similar, but in fact, the design of chairs can be varied from materials, colors to shapes. As the place where guests sit the longest in the home, of course you must start to show your taste from the choice of dining chairs!

The dining chair should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. Our dining chairs are well-proportioned and comfortable for long periods of sitting. Dining chairs are available in different styles, there is always one that suits your needs.

The dining chair design can be matched with the dining table to create a dining room with a consistent style. If there are children at home, try to avoid using fabric materials, so as not to get dirty easily. If you put it in front of the dressing table and think that you don't use much time every day, you can choose a low stool that is good for creating a sense of space.

The materials of dining chairs are ever-changing, and different materials have completely different feelings! Wooden dining chairs are natural and have a Nordic feel; leather dining chairs are stylish and retro; fabric dining chairs are warm and comfortable with a Japanese style; PVCplastic chairs are colorful and make the home full of life!


Dimensions (cm): 560mm W x 630mm D x 780mm H


  • PP+Metal
  • Versatile and sturdy design that fits in any space.
  • Bright and bold color range
  • Hard plastic case
  • The design of the Eiffel Tower is inspired by the legs and unique wire base.
  • Materials: Polypropylene; polished chrome steel base; plastic slides. Polypropylene; polished chrome steel base; plastic slides.
  • Easy assembly required

Sometimes called the Eiffel chair, the molded plastic chair is a flexible, comfortable seat with a variety of base options. New material, especially one that promises to do more with less, has fascinated the Eameses throughout their careers. Plastic is no exception. They saw an opportunity to form an organic seating shell that conforms to the shape of the human body.

Using manufacturing techniques developed during World War II, the Eames mass-produced side and armchair versions of the design. As they usually do, Eames demanded an honest and unconscious expression of materials, so these are the first one-piece plastic chairs without upholstery or coverings. Its timeless design and quality construction make it durable in many environments. His legacy will not be forgotten through our impeccable reproductions of his chairs.

Our replica Junior Eames chairs are available in a variety of colors and are perfect for any nursery, playroom, or even small dining setting.

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