W-KT118WB All-in-one Standing Electric Lifting Desk (Walnut Brown Wood Top + Black Frame)

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Wooden Tabletop: Walnut Wood Tabletop with Black Frame
Tabletop Size: 1200mm x 600mm
$4,500 $5,200


KLT FURNITURE-W-KT118WB All-in-one Standing Electric Lifting Desk(Walnut Brown Wood Desktop + Black Frame)


The adjustable desk is a very practical piece of furniture in the office and at home. It can adjust the height of the tabletop so that people can use it standing or sitting. It is especially useful for the elderly or those with disabilities. Now, lift desks are becoming more and more common in daily life, and its designs have become more fashionable and diverse.

The biggest advantage of adjustable desks is practicality. It can be adjusted in height according to people's needs, so that the desktop can be kept at a comfortable working height. For example, for those who don't want or can't stand for a long time to do things, the desktop can be raised to a suitable height, so that they can stand and do things without feeling tired. When it's time to sit down, the table top can be lowered for a comfortable seat. This flexibility can be very useful to many people.

Product Features
- tempered glass table top
- single motor design, stable lifting adjustment
- preset 4 memory heights, suitable for adults and children Requirements
- Equipped with a child lock to prevent children from adjusting up and down (2 Micro-B and 1 Type-C sockets, convenient for charging electronic products)
- 67cm long drawer for easy storage (the frame is designed with double-section steel pipes, High stability even at the highest heights.)
- Equipped with intelligent anti-collision system, safety protection
- Load capacity: 50 kg
- Lifting speed: 25mm/s

  • Desktop size: 120(L)*60(W)*6.5(D)cm
  • Table frame height: 70-120 cm
  • Table frame material: stainless steel
  • Intimate anti-collision function
  • The anti-collision feature ensures safety by preventing the tabletop from damaging or crushing other objects and equipment during motion.

Multifunctional desk

  • Programmable altitude presets
  • USB charging
  • Recessed drawers
  • Comhar has customized 4 programmable height presets, ideal for multiple users to save their preferred height settings in a home or workshare environment. Easily and smoothly transition between sitting and standing positions at the touch of a button.

Anti-collision feature
The table will automatically flip over to protect itself from any unexpected obstacles, so if a child accidentally hides under the table or put a cabinet under the table storage without damage.

Storage drawers
Provide plenty of room for your setup.

Quick Install
Just 3 steps and 12 screws, no additional assembly required.

The integrated output port
has 2 USB Type-A ports and 1 USB Type-C port for users to charge the device.


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