EMD1500 L-shaped executive desk


The executive desk is of certain importance to an office. A stylish executive desk can not only show the identity of the user, but also improve the grade of the office and make the whole office look majestic.

In addition to the size of the executive desk, attention should also be paid to the color matching. Generally, the executive desk of the boss will choose a relatively calm color of walnut or cherry. The darker color not only looks calm and stable, but also looks very high-grade. Of course, it also depends on personal preference, and there are also light-colored tables that like modern styles.

The rounded beveled table top is matched with matte coffee-colored boards, and then it is knotted with a slender glossy electroplated aluminum alloy tripod, which is smooth and soft, bringing out a touch of European style.

    Executive Desk
    - The table top is 25mm international E0 standard double-panel
    - The tripod is solid wood and steel inverted V-shaped
    - The steel surface is sprayed
    - It can be equipped with side cabinets
    - Wooden or steel front fenders can be added

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