EMD2700 Wood Veneer Executive Desk


Boss Desk/Supervisor Desk
If you want to find such furniture, the best choice is to order, this type Only customized products can match the company's corporate style. It is especially important that customized products can be inquired in advance whether in terms of workmanship or material use. Therefore, the purchased products are durable in terms of performance. It is also very strong, and the service life is much longer than that of general types of products. This will undoubtedly have the effect of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure for enterprises.


  • EMD2700 series is a stylish and simple series with special table legs as the finishing touch;
  • Cleverly route the wires through the side cabinet to hide the wires and cables;
  • The hand drawer of the drawer is carved and polished, smooth and simple;
  • You can choose wall cabinets, side cabinets or chests of drawers, etc.

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