EMD3100 L-shaped manager desk


L-shaped manager desk is usually more spacious than a traditional straight desk, providing more work space and better for computers and files. L-shaped manager desks usually have a modern, professional and efficient look and are ideal for use by managers or executives in the office. This desk can also be enhanced with accessories such as drawers, file racks, bookshelves and cable management systems.

  • Use a stylish metal tripod
  • The drawer is equipped with a central lock, and the two drawers can be locked at the same time to ensure the safety of personal items
  • Multiple color options
  • L-shaped office desk provides more abundant office space
  • Provide more storage space. The series includes a variety of different styles of lockers, glass display cabinets, back cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, low cabinets, etc.

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