EMD700 T-shape Manager table


Executive Managerial Desk (also known as the boss desk) is the largest desk in office furniture, also called the management desk, so the design of the boss desk It is large and stylish.

When purchasing a executive desk, we usually consider the material first, because it is the office desk of the company's management. , Pure solid wood desk is the most suitable.

  • Modular components available for worksurfaces, returns, desks and cabinets.
  • Cabinet tops provide a clean, uninterrupted surface between storage units.
  • Available with open or closed storage units.

Elegant and modern administrative workbench

Log panel with metal accessories

wood panel thickness 25mm

- Two-panel countertop

- Steel stand with steel legs with beveled design

- Freestanding rectangular main platform

- L-shaped main table to side table

- side cabinet

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