ET116G Standing Desk Frame Standing Desk Frame

size: 120*60cm
color: Black


KLT FURNITURE-ET116G Standing Desk Frame (With single motor) Standing Desk Frame

    KLT's best selling model, a standing desk created by listening to your needs! Say goodbye to spinal health problems and hello to a healthy and active life.

    • A motor
    • Level 2 Square Column
    • Economic

    Work From Home (WFH) is very popular. Many people want to create a comfortable and healthy working environment at home. The Standing Desk has become the first choice for everyone to work at home. It is a "must have artifact for WFH". Lifting desks/lifting tables can allow users to maintain work efficiency and comfort while working at home, and facilitate users to develop the habit of alternating between sitting and standing. Electric desks allow users to work standing. Many ergonomic experts have pointed out that the benefits of standing work are more than sitting down for a long time. Standing work can not only reduce fat accumulation, but also greatly reduce the chances of suffering from serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It can kill two birds with one stone.

    Six principles of using adjustable desks:

    1. Find an ergonomic chair.
    2. The head should be leaned back, not forward.
    3. Have a chair with good pelvic support.
    4. Sit with knees at 90 degrees and heels flat on the floor.
    5. The computer screen is at eye level.
    6. Alternate sitting and standing every 30 minutes.

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