HFF180- Student Desk


KLT FURNITURE- HFF180- Student Desk

Our high-quality school desks and chairs create a better learning environment for your students. Our furniture is designed to support learning and promote a healthier learning environment, with features such as adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs that encourage good posture and reduce the risk of health problems caused by prolonged sitting.

- There are drawers on the table, which is convenient for students to store textbooks and stationery
- Ergonomic design, correct sitting posture without hunchback
- Pen slot Designed to store pens and prevent pens from falling out
- rounded corners on the desktop, safe and stable

Our school furniture provides you with an effective learning environment, which is vital for students and teachers.
Our aesthetic and professional furniture and product designs help universities, secondary schools and centers to equip students with adequate facilities. To encourage students to have a good study atmosphere, choosing KLT FURNITURE will be a wise decision.

Dimensions (mm)
: 700
x 500 x 760

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