HT16 Solid Wooden Storage Cabinet


KLT FURNITURE-HT16 solid wood design locker

Veneer filing cabinet is a kind of office furniture, usually used to store documents, books, magazines and other items. Compared with steel cabinets, wooden veneer filing cabinets are more beautiful in appearance, because its surface is decorated with veneer, which can match the decoration style of the office. In addition, the durability of veneer filing cabinets is relatively high, because its shell is made of high-density fiberboard, which is more durable than ordinary wood. The number and size of drawers of veneer filing cabinets can be selected according to needs, and there are usually 2-5 drawers. The use of wood veneer filing cabinets can keep the office tidy and organized, and it is also convenient for organizing and storing files.

- Two-color combined color design
- Wood veneer with UV paint
- Aluminum alloy handle / straight hidden handle
- A full range of cabinet models for selection


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