K130 Office Sofa


KLT FURNITURE-K130 Office Sofa

Humanized design

The single-person sofa can be rotated left and right, and can be switched freely. It can also meet people's needs for face-to-face communication, shorten the distance between each other, and make communication more enjoyable.

Let the details come into life

The seemingly insignificant design is behind tens of thousands of deduction, finally provides people with the most comfortable sitting feeling.

Double-layer sofa cushion design

The sofa adopts a separate design of the support base and the cushion soft bag, which improves the support of the sofa without reducing the comfort, making the sofa soft and not collapsed, and firmly supported.

Three-dimensional curved backrest Double deck sofa cushion design

Explain fashion space culture with simple and refined design techniques

Make comfort a habit

Improve the comfort of the space, integrate vibrant colors, break the dull and boring atmosphere, and greatly improve communication efficiency

·High quality polyester fabric finish
·Cut cotton
The back seat cushion itself has no adjustment function, and the turntable can be rotated
·Writing board Ф36*1.5 paint board
·Polished , dried, and insect-removed solid wood frame on all sides

·High-quality polyester cloth upholstery
·Cutting cotton
·The back cushion itself has no adjustment function, it can be rotated with a turntable
·Writing board Ф36*1.5 paint board
·Four sides polished, Drying and deworming treatment solid wood wooden frame

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