KCT-29 Black painted steel Coffee Table


KLT FURNITURE-KCT-29 Black painted steel frameCoffee table

The coffee table with black painted steel frame is a modern and fashionable coffee table. Its table top is made of 23mm thick walnut veneered MDF, and the surface presents natural wood grain and texture. The frame and bracket are made of black painted steel material, and the structure is firm and stable.

Beautiful and generous: the natural wood texture of the walnut MDF and the black painted steel frame make the whole coffee table look modern and fashionable, suitable for placing in medium and high-end home spaces.

Strong durability: The frame and bracket of the coffee table are made of steel materials, the structure is firm and stable, and the service life is long.

Easy to clean: The surface of the veneered walnut MDF is smooth and easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Strong practicability: The bracket structure design of this tea table is reasonable, and can place various items, such as magazines, books, vases, etc., to meet the needs of daily use.

Environmentally friendly and healthy: Walnut MDF is an environmentally friendly and healthy material that does not contain harmful substances and meets the needs of modern people for a healthy life.

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