KH-327A Ergonomic Chair Computer Swivel Chair Office Chair Executive Leather Chair

color: L04


Executive executive chairexecutive chair is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The seat and backrest are made of comfortable materials to make the user feel comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. The chair also comes with adjustable legs and armrests, and a seat that reclines for optimal sitting posture and support. When we designed this chair, we also specially considered the needs of different users. Therefore, executive chair executive executive chair has adjustable height and tilt functions to adapt to the height and body shape of different users .

The noble and fashionable shape brings you an extraordinary experience. The high-end and fashionable chairs are simple in design, combining noble and beautiful lines. High-back and low-back chairs are available, with electroplated leather armrests. Or full electroplated armrests are available for you to choose. The chair body with thick cushion or thin cushion can better meet your needs. It is also equipped with a comfortable foot-knee balance reclining function, which makes you feel more comfortable and unique. taste and feeling.

  • Dimension(mm): 670*720*1265-1330
  • High-quality Xipi or Brazil imported first layer yellow cowhide veneer
  • Back double-layer wood board 18mm, back cotton high-density foam
  • Sit on high-density stereotyped foam integrated molding
  • Luxury chassis with 4-speed tilt lock function
  • 350mm foot aluminum alloy foot
  • 65mm PVC large electroplated wheel shockproof
  • Aluminum alloy armrest with PU surface

  • Size (mm): 670*720*1265-1330
  • High-quality western leather or top-grain yellow cowhide leather imported from Brazil
  • 18mm back double-layer wooden board, back cotton high-density foam

  • Integral molding with high-density shaped foam
  • Luxury chassis with 4-speed rear locking function
  • 350mm aluminum alloy feet
  • 65mm PVC large plated wheel shockproof
  • Aluminum alloy armrest with PU surface


Please note that the color of your computer screen may deviate from the real colour. We have the swatches available in our showroom for final review.

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