KR101 Lounge Chair / Dining Chair with Metal Legs and rollers

style: 紅色 / 白色5足凳腳


KLT FURNITURE- KR101 Lounge Chair Dining Chair with Metal Legs and Rollers

Lounge chairs with metal legs and rollers can provide the following benefits: Improved comfort: The comfort of training chairs is higher than that of ordinary chairs, which can reduce the pressure on the spine when sitting for a long time, and reduce low back pain and fatigue. Improve posture: The design of the training chair can help maintain correct sitting posture, reduce the load and pressure on the body when sitting for a long time, and help improve posture. Improve efficiency: A comfortable seat can make the human body feel better, more emotionally stable, and improve learning or work efficiency. Promote health: The design of the training chair can promote blood circulation and help prevent muscle fatigue and back pain. In short, choosing a suitable training chair can not only improve learning or work efficiency, but also help maintain a good sitting posture and promote health


KLT is committed to collecting various high-quality dining chairs styles for everyone, and creating a comfortable home life for customers in an all-round way.

You think that the styles of chairs on the market are similar, but in fact, the design of chairs can be varied from materials, colors to shapes. As the place where guests sit the longest in the home, of course you must start to show your taste from the choice of dining chairs!

The dining chair should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. Our dining chairs are well-proportioned and comfortable for long periods of sitting. Dining chairs are available in different styles, there is always one that suits your needs.

The dining chair design can be matched with the dining table to create a dining room with a consistent style. If there are children at home, try to avoid using fabric materials, so as not to get dirty easily. If you put it in front of the dressing table and think that you don't use much time every day, you can choose a low stool that is good for creating a sense of space.

The materials of dining chairs are ever-changing, and different materials have completely different feelings! The wooden dining chairs are natural and have a Nordic feel; the leather dining chairs are stylish and retro; the fabric dining chairs are warm and comfortable with a Japanese style; the colorful PVCplastic chairs make the home full of life!

Pursuing excellence in life experience Sensual concept High quality, boundless simplicity and perfect design reflect the cleanliness and independence of each product.

Innovative modern office furniture is highly rational and functional, but also seeks the roots of culture, embodies the human touch in the guest space and the close relationship with the times, and forms a new artistic layout and furniture culture.

The seat with seat cushion adds a sense of comfort to your meal time or work time, and the chair legs with rolling wheels make it easier and faster for you to move.

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