KS-121 Bullback Series Public Chairs

color: Grey


KLT FURNITURE-KS-121 Bullback Series

As a piece of public furniture, the public row chair is in harmony with the surrounding environment and integrated into one in the public environment. No matter it is traditional or modern style, they all show a kind of structural beauty, material beauty and shape beauty.

Public seating/public seating (Public Seating) are used indoors and outdoors, and our KLT public seating is mainly used in indoor places, plastic Shell, especially suitable for lecture halls, cinemas, concert halls, schools, stations, airports to banks, etc. Many schools and public places require such chairs for spectators.

As for modern public chairs, the style has become simple and fashionable, and the applicable space is wider. There are more than one person who can be spliced ​​and combined freely, which is more flexible and comfortable.

We, KLT, provide public row chairs in various colors for customers to choose, dividing the venue space into different parts. We also provide a complete service of delivery, construction and positioning. Friends in need, please contact us for quotation and delivery date.

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