KSN-005 Bar Stool



Bar chairs (also known as high stools, office bar chairs)are higher than ordinary seats and usually have a footrest design. When sitting, let your feet fall on the chair frame naturally, avoiding your feet hanging in the air, and the distance between the pedals and the seat surface should be 38 to 42 cm.

KLT Bar Stool - Stylish and simple

The chair has both appearance and comfort. It has many styles and colors and is easy to match with various Match the furniture style. 

Office bar chairs have several benefits:

  1. Increases productivity: Bar chairs allow you to maintain a "semi-standing" posture, which helps improve blood circulation and alertness, allowing you to focus more on your work.
  2. High Comfort: The bar chair has a moderate seat height for long working days and has foot pads for comfortable support.
  3. High space utilization: bar chairs are usually installed on high bar counters or cabinets, which can maximize the use of space.
  4. Stylish appearance: The stylish appearance of the bar chair is suitable for a modern office, especially when used with a high table, it can better reflect the fashion style of the office.
  5. Adjustable design: Bar chairs are usually equipped with an adjustment mechanism, which can be adjusted in height and angle according to the user's needs, so as to provide more comfort that suits individual needs.
  • Strictly designed according to ergonomics, the smooth curved surface is close to the curve of the back of the human body
  • High-quality fabric, fine edge banding, 340g plain weave fabric for the backrest and seat cushion, the invisible bottom also has thin edges, leaving no roughness
  • The soles of the feet are tightly equipped with black non-slip mats to better protect the floor
  • 12MM thick ski rack, reinforced and stable connection, strong tripod, firm support


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