KT-119 Single motor two-section electric lift table (white table frame) (optional size and color)

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Tabletop Size table top size: 900mm x 650mm
$2,900 $3,500


KT-119 Single Motor Two-section Electric Lifting Table (White Frame) (Optional Size and Color)

Single-motor two-section electric height adjustable desks are usually suitable for small to medium-sized people, especially Asians Single motors are as quiet as dual motors, but single motors will move slightly slower and weigh less than dual motors

Standing electric desk for office, home, school, hospital, learning center, co-working space

Frame Options
Standard frames are strong and stable and designed to hold the weight of your PC and other accessories Desks aim to disrupt sedentary lifestyles

    • Lifting Mechanism Single Motor
      No. of Leg Stage Inverted 2-stage
      Height Range(Without Top) 70-120cm
      Horizontal Adjustments 85-129cm
      Lift Speed 25mm/sec
      Memory Presets Yes, 3 memory presets
      Sit-Stand Reminder 0-99 mins customized reminder setting
      Weight Capacity 154 lbs (70kg)
      Available Desktop Range
      W:100-160cm, D:50-80cm
      Basic: Button touch
      Certification FCC, UL

Keyboard Options
Basic: You can easily transition from sitting to standing with the click of a button
Standard: Save your favorite sitting, standing and under-desk ride heights by using energy-efficient LED displays You can also set activity alarms to remind you when to switch locations

High-quality, environmentally friendly desktop
The best choice for video conferencing The motor is designed to adjust smoothly through the height setting, so there is no knocking when adjusting

Standing DeskStanding Desk – Enhance work performance and benefit health

In recent years, everyone has known the benefits of lifting platforms, which not only reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but also reduce the chance of gaining weight Our KLT Standing Desk (Standing Desk, also known as height adjustable desk) promotes a healthy workplace culture, which can improve employees' concentration, alertness and activity, thus encouraging them to work actively The lifting table is beneficial to the body and mind, and improves work efficiency. There is no doubt that it will become a new trend of health in Hong Kong

Important elements of an ergonomic workspace
How to arrange the workspace and position directly reflects our work efficiency and effect of the day How should everyone organize their desks? The arrangement of the space position greatly affects our working posture. Maintaining a bad sitting posture for a long time will gradually lead to various body pain problems The placement of the desktop should not only be clean and simple, but also the height of the working table, the height of the seat and the distance of the line of sight are three important factors that cannot be ignored

1. First of all, the computer screen must be placed in the center, and the eyes look at the horizontal line in front of you, with your hands forming about 90 to 100 degrees beside you. The most important thing is not to let yourself be shy! Secondly, the height of the countertop should be about 1 to 2 cm lower than your elbow position, which is the standard, so that it is comfortable and not tired Remember not to let yourself twist your body for a long time to work, and it is never recommended to put the computer display screen on the left and right sides. Although the sense of space seems to be more, this way of sitting will make you prone to sciatica. These pains are not easy for treatment!

2. The lifting platform is indeed beneficial to health. Of course, we do not recommend standing for a long time, because it will also cause problems such as edema of the feet The purpose of our use of electric lifting platform is to improve blood circulation and make ourselves more energetic, so the most suitable rule of using the lifting platform is to stand for 30 minutes and then sit for 30 minutes to work. Sitting causes pressure and soreness in the waist, so that the blood goes to the brain more quickly to supply energy to focus on work, improve efficiency and do a good job in the work that needs to be done in a day!

3. Selection of material for the lifting table top. Our table tops are available in a variety of colors. In addition to the commonly used sizes, we can also customize the size of the lifting table you want. The base material of our boards conforms to GB/T39600 -2021 environmental protection standard MFC solid wood particle board, the formaldehyde emission is 0.043mg/m³, which is far lower than the standard requirement of 0.124mg/m³. Anti-mildew, anti-insect function The price is cost-effective!

Better than fixed height desks

Elevating desks and electric desks are more flexible than most fixed-height desks For example, our lifting tables can be adjusted according to the height of the user, so that they can alternate between standing and sitting in the most comfortable situation

Non-polluting and environmentally friendly materials

Our adjustable desks are made of environmentally friendly materials, FSC forest certification and EU certification, which are internationally recognized All lifting desk parts and coatings, such as water-soluble non-toxic paint, natural wood laminates and powder coatings, all meet the "4 zero standards": zero paint, zero formaldehyde, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) and zero bacteria

Customize lifting platforms according to requirements

We provide a series of customized services for adjustable desks, including the size, color, material, etc. The adjustable desk is an investment in health and work, we hope to help you earn the highest return Contact us at any time, let us create an ergonomic project that best suits you

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