F209DT 2-in-1 exercise bike office chair (black seat cushion with white frame)



KLT FURNITURE-F209DT 2-in-1 Exercise Bike Office Chair (Black Seat Cushion with White Frame)

This Fitness Desk helps you stay productive. Stay fit, active and burn more calories while performing sedentary tasks.

Product Features:

  • Pneumatic adjustment lever
  • Integrated digital display
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Premium Comfort Seat | Spacious Desktop | Quiet Operation
  • Table top dimensions: L 6096 x W 6949 mm
  • Bicycle Dimensions: (L 11460 x W 6949 mm)
  • Bike height: 12954 - 14752 mm
  • Height adjustable seat range: 9022 - 11338.5 mm
  • Frame Material: Stainless Steel

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