KOLA-B Training Chair with Armrests

color: 青綠色


KLT FURNITURE- KOLA-B Training Chair with Armrest 

Training chairs can provide the following benefits: Improved comfort: The comfort of training chairs is higher than that of ordinary chairs, which can reduce the pressure on the spine when sitting for a long time, and reduce low back pain and fatigue. Improve posture: The design of the training chair can help maintain correct sitting posture, reduce the load and pressure on the body when sitting for a long time, and help improve posture. Improve efficiency: A comfortable seat can make the human body feel better, more emotionally stable, and improve learning or work efficiency. Promote health: The design of the training chair can promote blood circulation and help prevent muscle fatigue and back pain. In short, choosing a suitable training chair can not only improve learning or work efficiency, but also help maintain a good sitting posture and promote health

KOLA series is a novel and innovative series of training chairs, which can bring harmony and warmth to different spaces such as classrooms, training rooms, waiting areas and meeting areas. Its provides a larger seating size and a thicker soft bag, bringing users a more comfortable and comfortable experience. The smooth design of the chair body and spraying process make it more fashionable , with optional accessory modules such as writing boards, armrests, casters, etc. All designs are aimed at creating excellent product performance. At the same time, the leather cover makes this chair one of the highest quality training furniture.

KOLA has sharp edges and corners, and the turning of the lines one after another, full of sense of lines. It judiciously uses many different materials, such as the combination of tubular steel and aluminum blocks for the leg structure, making it the supporting element of the whole chair, from here, the table and chair supports bifurcate, and on the other side, the training The connection system between the chairs, the aluminum block is extended to support the backrest, the rotatable armrest makes it possible to stack the chairs, and the support of the writing board also comes from here. Last but not least, it is available in a wide range of fabric colors for the seat cushion and backrest. KOLA is definitely a great multifunctional training chair: comfortable and functional, suitable for both quick sessions and larger meetings.

Chair recline

The carefully calculated proportion of the seat back conforms to ergonomics. The leather back cover is matched with the elastic chair back made of brand-new imported PP material to fit the waist and back, provide moderate support, and effectively relieve the pressure on the human body.


The stand adheres to the principle of "practical + beautiful". Haoshi white painted four-legged chair frame is made of Q235 carbon steel pipe, T1.5mm; it is matched with fine-polished aluminum alloy main frame connectors. Impress your clients with the perfect interpretation of a modern and elegant design aesthetic.

connect device

Connection function to achieve unlimited extension.


Stacking is an enhancement and expansion of the sitting function, which minimizes the floor area when the chairs are stored, especially suitable for spaces where the number of people changes frequently.


The movable armrest is more suitable for your personal needs. Different sitting postures, different environments and different armrest angles can better meet your needs.

Dimensions: 615 x 565 x 785 mm



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