LS-710 Folding Table / Folding Conference Table


KLT FURNITURE- LS-710 Folding Table / Folding Conference Table

Folding conference table refers to a conference table that can be easily folded and stored. It is usually used in occasions where the use of space needs to be changed frequently, such as conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, school classrooms, etc. It has a simple design and flexible operation, and can quickly change from an open style to a storage style, which improves space utilization and is easy to carry and store. There are many styles and styles of folding conference tables, and different styles can be selected according to different needs.

The LS-710 features a sturdy metal leg base for durability and folds 180 degrees for maximum storage space when not in use.

- Table top 25mm thick with E0/E1 standard
- Made of high quality aluminum and MFC
- Epoxy powder coated leg frame
- Collapsible top with casters for easy storage
- Optional under table basket and melamine trim panel
Dimensions (mm):

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