PL Swivel Chair with Armrest


PL Swivel Chair with Armrest 

height 960 - 1045mm
Seat Depth 450 - 510mm
Seat width 500mm
Height from floor to chair surface 440 - 525mm
Back width 430mm
Height from seat surface to seat back 520mm
Width between armrests 490mm
Handrail to floor height 620-685mm
Height from armrest to chair surface 195 - 255mm


The new employee chair combines comfort, functionality and design. The office chair is suitable for long hours in the office and helps relieve back pain and stiff shoulders. The staff chair has a height adjustment function and a backrest angle adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to user preferences. Plus, the employee chairs have a simple and sleek design that blends in with any office interior.

Our new staff chair will help improve office productivity in the future. We will continue to work hard to develop better products and provide the best products to our customers.

Inspired by the space world, the triangular pattern of the eight-he non-layer ware collides with the digital knitting technique to create a multi-textured three-dimensional relief-like effect. The use of vibrant colors breaks the atmosphere of heavy doors: forming a strong visual impact and leaving an impression on people.

Many flashy imperial products on the market often attract attention, but ignore the core of the chair, which is "sitting comfort". Among the designers of Shen Man's ergonomics research, he finally chose the one that fits with our consistent design philosophy: Yves Behar, a designer who also served the world's top furniture company Herman Miler, hoped to create a distinctive and The office chair without losing the comfortable sitting feeling is no longer limited to a specific scene. It can be integrated into flexible! Diversified public scenes, and can also be placed in the home work space and become a part of home decoration.



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