KPT- 12 Rectangular Dining Table (Wood Color)


KLT FURNITURE- KPT- 12 Rectangular Dining Table (Wood Color)

This is a dining table with a tall design that may make the dining experience more comfortable and convenient than a traditional dining table, such as making it easier for people to stand up or sit down.

In addition, the wood color of this dining table is warm, with clear grain, which can easily match the design style of the dining room. The warmth of wood and the crispness of its grain may lend a warm and natural feel to a dining room.

The top of this dining table is thick and durable, which means it is made of high-quality wood or other material that will withstand long-term use and wear and tear and is less susceptible to damage. This durability will make this dining table a long-lasting furniture choice.

- Tall design, different from traditional dining table
- Warm wood color, clear texture, easy to match with dining room design
- Thick and stable table top, durable


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