KREIZ SHELF Natural wood cabinet without doors / OPEN SELF CABINET



Multi-purpose storage rack is a kind of furniture that can meet different storage needs. It usually consists of multiple flat panels and brackets, which can be assembled and adjusted according to needs. The multi-purpose storage rack is characterized by flexibility and changeability, and can be used to store different types of items, such as clothes, books, shoes, toys and so on. The storage space of the multi-purpose storage rack is also relatively large, which can meet the storage needs of items of different sizes.

The structure and size of the multi-purpose storage rack can be selected according to the use environment and needs. For example, the multi-purpose storage racks used at home are usually relatively small and can be placed in places such as bedrooms, living rooms or study rooms, while the multi-purpose storage racks used in stores and supermarkets are usually relatively large and can display and store a large number of commodities. The material of the multi-purpose storage rack is usually metal or plastic, and these materials have good durability and stability, and can be used for a long time. The installation and disassembly of the multi-purpose storage rack is also relatively simple, and can be adjusted and replaced as needed.

The QR-21 combined multi-functional storage solution cleverly uses the combination of steel and double panels in the material, and allows you to add freely through the unified components in the design, such as laminates, masks Different compartments such as door cabinets, lockers, drawers, and hangers are the first choice for storage or display.

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