SC12 Repo Mobile File Cabinet


KLT FURNITURE-SC12 Mobile File Cabinet

Steel mobile file cabinet I Mobile file cabinet is a special file storage cabinet, which is characterized by being able to move to different locations. Unlike traditional fixed filing cabinets, mobile filing cabinets are usually equipped with wheels or tracks that can be easily moved to different locations for different storage and access needs.

This filing cabinet features a mobile design that allows users to move the cabinet to different locations by pushing or pulling on the cabinet's wheels or tracks. Mobile file cabinets usually have adjustable cabinets and partitions, and users can adjust the height and position of the cabinets and partitions according to their needs, so as to store documents and materials of different sizes.

3 Drawer Mobile Base
File Size: A4 and F4
Small Casters
Pencil Tray
Anti-Tip Construction
Fully Extended Ball Bearing Glide

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