KIDE-A Classroom Chair


KLT FURNITURE- KIDE-A Classroom Chair 

The KIDE series is a series of cooperation with well-known foreign furniture designers. The chair has a unique and stylish shape, smooth lines, and ergonomics. It perfectly interprets modern and elegant design aesthetics, and at the same time has high technical features, such as side links system and unique metal structure. Secondly, SIDE has a flexible writing board with a self-returning and slow-down function, making it easier to work in office, plus the high-grade outdoor lacquered chair frame, which has a unique metal texture and is more stable.

DESIGN CONCEPT KIDE With a basic and minimalist design, yet versatile and extremely comfortable, its aesthetic and functional design solutions give this chair a refined sense of freshness and solid strength. The seat consists of a hard-shell plastic body in a variety of colors and a hybrid frame made of aluminum and other metals. It is easy to store and place, and it comes with practical functions such as a writing board, which can be perfectly combined with the appearance. The decision to develop a monocoque hard-shell chair body made it possible for SIDE to become a large series of products: KIDE can be combined with various components, such as bow frame, four-leg fixed feet, five-star pulley feet and so on. Combining all the above features, KIDE is bound to be a huge success.

Chair reclining

The carefully calculated proportion of the seat back is in line with ergonomics. With the elastic chair back made of brand-new imported PP material, it fits the waist and back, provides moderate support, and effectively relieves the pressure on the human body.


The stand adheres to the principle of "practical + beautiful". The PU armrest surface is matched with the aluminum alloy armrest bracket, and the surface is treated with advanced baking paint; the four-legged chair frame is made of Q235 carbon steel pipe, T1.5mm; it is matched with finely polished aluminum alloy main frame connectors. Impress your clients with the perfect interpretation of a modern and elegant design aesthetic.

Connecting Devices

It can realize the connection function and realize unlimited extension.


Stacking is an enhancement and expansion of the sitting function, which minimizes the floor area when the chairs are stored, especially suitable for spaces where the number of people changes frequently.


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