EC-103 High Back Leather Chair Faux Leather Executive Chair


Eames Style Fabric Upholstered High Back Office Chair with Casters

The seat design of the high-back high-quality leather chair adopts high-density sponge and high-quality leather, which can provide extremely high comfort, and is breathable, reducing the accumulation of sweat, so that the user can maintain Refreshing and comfortable state.

High-back high-quality leather chairs are stylish and well-designed, which not only enhance the overall image of the office, but also make users feel happy. In addition, the high-back high-quality leather chair has a very attractive appearance and a long service life. It is a very practical office chair style.

The high-back high-quality leather chair is a very good office chair style. Its function and appearance design are perfect, and it can bring users high comfort and health protection. It is an indispensable part of the modern office .

Smart mix of materials
The functional
is crafted from thick seat and cushions and upholstered in luxurious Italian leather

Fabric upholstered high-back office chair with casters.

Smart combination of materials
Functional yet fashionable
Italian leather seat and backrest

Dimensions (cm): Width: 58 Height: 113

Remarks: Depth: 53cm; Adjustable seat height: 47.5cm - 57.5cm

Material: Cotton blend fabric

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