WD2002 L Shape Office Desk With Side Cabinet Office Desk Steel Feet


KLT FURNITURE- L Shape Working Desk with Cabinet

L type desk with cabinet series is specially designed for intellectuals who pursue high efficiency. The L-shaped desk configuration provides a spacious working space, and it is equipped with a cabinet to classifyfiles and store items, which greatly improves work efficiency. Made of environmentally friendly materials, the tabletop and cabinet are made of top-grade MDF board and solid wood, and the surface is coated with multiple layers of environmentally friendly paint, which can prevent moisture and insects, and can also retain the natural aroma of wood. The L-shaped desk is designed with ergonomics in mind, and the height and angle of the desk are appropriate, which can reduce the physical burden of the user working for a long time. The handle of the cabinet bucket is made of non-slip material, which is very smooth to open and close.

  • Rectangular, 90 degree or L-shaped table top
  • 50 x 30mm tubular leg design
  • With Underdesk cable management
  • Multifunctional tabletop accessories
  • With desktop screen panel and storage element

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