WD2900 Office Desk Shared Space


KLT FURNITURE- WD-215 Desk Shared Coworking space

Four-person facing work table is a rectangular desktop, two people sit facing each other, and can accommodate four people to work. This desk design promotes teamwork and communication, making it easier for employees to share and exchange ideas. At the same time, through desktop partitioning, each employee can have a certain amount of private space and privacy protection, so that they can focus and perform their work more. Some four-person facing desks also have partitions or screens, allowing employees to adjust the size of the private space at any time to meet different needs.

In addition, the four-person facing work table is equipped with a wire management system to separate high-voltage and low-voltage cables to effectively avoid electromagnetic interference; there are two choices of square pins and rectangular pins. Two-person/four-person/six-person two-way The working position is equipped with a desk screen to enhance privacy.


  • Straight panel
  • The bottom of the table can carry the cable routing system
  • V leg shape selection
  • High-quality particle board with national standard E0 environmental protection standard
  • Multipurpose Countertop Accessories
  • A table screen and storage combination can be added



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