WD8600 Y-shaped employee desk


KLT FURNITURE- Y-shaped staff desk

Y-shaped workbench refers to a special shape of workbench. The desktops at both ends form a Y shape toward the center, allowing multiple people to sit in the same workspace for collaboration or discussion. This type of workbench is usually used in design studios, creative studios or open offices to improve work efficiency and communication.

The Y-shaped workbench is also combined with a unique screen and wire management system, allowing users to work more comfortably and conveniently. One is suitable for group collaboration. The 135-degree table skillfully combines beauty, function and storage space. The 120-degree table provides more work space, allowing users to flexibly engage in personal work or group routines. A stylish desk screen, the top shelf can be equipped with accessories such as A4 file holders or pen holders to free up space on the desktop.

Hong Kong exports high-quality office furniture, dynamic and fashionable workbenches with a variety of popular desk screens. Tubular legs design, cable management function, multi-purpose table accessories. Metal removable sideboards,
various tops and panels 120 degrees.

- 120 degree tubular leg design

- Cable Management Features

- Multipurpose Desk Accessory

- metal sideboard

- Metal Modest Panel

- Various desktops and panels

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