WD1600 2/3/4/6 side-by-side office workbench


KLT FURNITURE- WD-212 2/3/4/6 Person benching system / desking system

2-6The face-to-face office workbench has changed the layout of the traditional office, providing colleagues with a richer interaction and collaboration experience in a limited space. The newly designed face-to-face workbench configuration allows 2 to 6 colleagues to share the same large desk face to face, increasing visual contact and direct communication between colleagues.

This open layout facilitates closer working relationships,promoting collaboration and innovative thinking. This face-to-face office workstation features a spacious tabletop design that provides each co-worker with plenty of personal space and desk work area. The shared space in the center also provides enough space to place documents, notebooks, coffee cups and other items, facilitating interaction and resource sharing among colleagues. High-quality materials and structures ensure the stability and durability of the workbench, and the special non-slip and waterproof surface is easier to clean and maintain.


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