WD4400 Desk with side cabinet screen


KLT FURNITURE- WD4400 Desk with side cabinet screen

The benefits of open work desks include lower costs, as multiple people share a work area, which can reduce rental and equipment purchase costs. Increase interaction: Shared workspaces can increase communication and interaction between people, which is conducive to team building and creative thinking.
The design of the shared work table can improve work efficiency, make the work area more tidy and orderly, and reduce time-wasting behaviors. Shared workspaces can reduce the use of space, save energy and resources, and are conducive to environmental protection.

Shared workspaces can provide more flexibility, allowing people to work with other people without restrictions, which can help improve work flexibility. Overall, the benefits of shared open desks are cost reductions, efficiency gains, increased interaction, environmental protection and energy savings, and increased flexibility.

  • Tabletop 25mm thickness with E0/E1 standard
  • Office table shared workbench, Suitable for shared workshop
  • Wire management system
  • Exhibition of our newest wire management system
  • There are two options of triangular tube and rectangular tube
  • Two-person/four-person/six-person two-way work stations are equipped with desk screens to enhance privacy
  • Inverted U-Shaped Steel Legs with Epoxy Powder Coat

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