KYUCAN-A Staff Chair


KYUCAN-A Staff Chair 


Honeycomb support system
Effectively disperse the uneven extrusion force from the back of the human body due to activities, accelerate heat dissipation through multiple exhaust holes, and enhance the breathability of the back of the chair .

Standard 4D armrests
can provide soft support points for the elbows, and the new expansion function caters to the needs of users of different sizes and finds comfort The position of the hand bend support.

Built-in built-in headrest system
The headrest embedded in the back of the chair is more suitable for the neck and shoulders, which can effectively prevent cervical spine and Swelling of the trapezius muscle at the junction of the spine.

The cushion slides back and forth
The soft and comfortable sponge cushion and the function of adjusting the depth allow users of different body shapes to get more comprehensive support.

Roller support lumbar support
Using TPR thermoplastic rubber material, the softness and comfort characteristics are significantly improved, with high resilience and good wear resistance, non-slip Excellent performance and shock absorption.

Height 1160~1240mm
Seat Depth 590~630mm
Seat Width 650mm
Seat Back Width 470mm

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