KH-211A computer swivel chair office chair big class leather chair old thin stool multi-function

color: L04


Noble and stylish shape, bring you an extraordinary experience High-end fashion chairs, simple design, combined with noble and beautiful line design, high-back chairs are available, electroplated leather cushion armrests or full electroplated armrests are available You choose, the chair body with thick cushion or thin cushion can take care of your needs more closely, and it is equipped with a comfortable foot-knee balance reclining function, which makes you feel handy and brings you a different taste and feeling

  • Dimension(mm): Length 770mm x Depth 660mm x Height 1220-1300mm
  • High-back leather chair/with headrest
  • High-quality Xipi or Brazil imported first-layer yellow cowhide veneer
  • 18MM thick single-layer split bent plate with movable headrest
  • Nylon armrest bracket, movable, skinned on the surface
  • 40 density high elastic sponge
  • Multifunctional chassis with 4-speed tilt lock function
  • 65# electroplating rod
  • ∮350MM aluminum alloy bread feet
  • φ50MM black nylon wheel

    • Dimensions (mm): L770mm x D660mm x H1220-1300mm
    • High back leather chair/with headrest
    • High-quality western leather or top-grain yellow cowhide leather imported from Brazil
    • 18MM thick single-layer split bent plate, with movable headrest
    • Nylon armrest bracket, movable, leather surface
    • 40 density high elastic sponge
    • Multifunctional chassis with 4-speed rear lock function
    • 65# plating rod
    • ∮350MM aluminum alloy feet
    • φ50MM black nylon wheel

    The design of the executive executive chair not only focuses on comfort and practicality, but also fashion and beauty Our designers have considered all kinds of details when designing, and strive for perfection from color to line We believe that the executive executive chair is not only a practical product, but also an ornament that can enhance the taste of users and the office environment


    Please note that the color of your computer screen may deviate from the real colour. We have the swatches available in our showroom for final review.

            *Actual product color may vary slightly due to print/display screen color Color depends on monitor calibration; true product color can be found in our studio
            * All product dimensions are approximate and may vary by approximately 1mm to 3mm
            * In case of any dispute, KLT Furniture reserves the right of final decision

            * Actual product colors may vary slightly due to printed/web color. Color accuracy varies depending on monitor calibration; real samples are available in our showroom .

            * All the dimensions approximation, please allow 1mm to 3mm difference.

            * KLT reserves the right to correct errors and misprints and to change product specifications.

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            No returns accepted If the product has a quality problem due to a factory defect, the customer must contact KLT before signing the receipt document . If KLT confirms that the quality problem is caused by a factory defect, KLT will arrange further inspection and replace the parts Repaired productsNo exchange or refund

            Quality problems do not include the following:

            • Due to the natural characteristics of the material or artificial materials, there may be differences between the product and the photo, such as color difference, leather grain, wood grain and fabric sofa line
            • Damage from improper installation, use, storage or accident, and normal wear and tear
            • Goods that have been installed, disassembled, refitted, or moved by customers themselves
            • If the customer finds out that the product has quality problems due to factory defects after signing the receipt document, and even needs to replace parts or repair, the customer must bear the shipping cost
            • Delivery Hours: Mon-Sat Office Hours (9am-6pm)
            • No delivery on Sundays and public holidays
            • KLT reserves the right to make the final decision on all inspection fees, transportation fees or dismantling fees that need to be charged
            • All product dimensions are approximate and may vary by approximately 1mm to 3mm
            • In case of any dispute, KLT Furniture reserves the right of final decision


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