KH-240A-WB Ergonomic Office Chair (Mesh Back)


KH-240A-WB Ergonomic Office Chair (Mesh Back) 


In today's world, people spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or working at a computer, leading to an increase in health problems related to poor posture KLT's ergonomic chair is designed to help reduce the risk of back pain and other related health problems by promoting correct posture

This ergonomic chair features adjustable seat height and recline, and a contoured seat and back for maximum comfort and support It is designed to keep the user's spine aligned, reduce stress on the back muscles, promote good posture, and prevent fatigue

In addition to its ergonomic design, this office chair is made of high-quality materials, including a strong metal frame and soft, breathable fabric for added comfort The fabric is also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze


KLT Office Furniture collects a variety of high-quality ergonomic chairs for customers to help workers reduce the burden on the waist caused by sedentary postures and improve wrong sitting postures Ergonomic chairs, whether for office or home use, for sedentary people, meet the needs of different people Ergonomically designed to effectively support pressure from the back, waist to buttocks, reducing shoulder and back pain caused by long-term sitting

  • Dimensions (mm): W630* D650 *H1190-1310mm
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Nylon plus fiber back frame and curved headrest (adjustable lift), plastic lumbar support
  • PU surface3D lifting armrest(front/rear/left/right/lift)
  • Styling foam with 163A, 3-position locking chassis
  • SGS certified level 3 100 stroke countersunk 4cm black steam rod
  • ∮340MM nylon high feet
  • ∮60MM PU wheel black wheel
  • This product complies with BIFMA SGS Cetificate quality standard certification

Multifunctional Headrest
Ergonomic high-back office chair designed with an adjustable headrest to provide the most comfortable position for your head and neck Using this office chair is the perfect solution to neck problems as it provides proper support to your neck, eliminating the stress you often experience when sitting for long periods of time

Ergonomic armrests
Unique multifunctional armrests This armrest can go up and down, and the armrest provides comfortable support for the arms in various sitting positions Meet various needs to the greatest extent, and provide the most comfortable sitting posture for sedentary people

Air Mesh Backrest
Air Mesh Backrest keeps you cool by keeping air flowing and comfortably contours your body while dispersing weight over a large area The seat cushion is made of high-quality natural sponge, which is flexible and durable

Choosing an ergonomic chair is essential for productivity! We emphasize every product detail to prompt comfort This desk chair is made of high quality materials! The ergonomic chair is very easy to assemble as the instructions are very clear!

KLT mesh back and seat color swatches

Please note that the colors on your computer screen may differ from the actual colors Samples available in our showroom for final review

*Actual product color may vary slightly due to print/display screen color Color depends on monitor calibration; true product color can be found in our studio

* All product dimensions are approximate and may vary by approximately 1mm to 3mm
* In case of any dispute, KLT Furniture reserves the right of final decision

* Actual product colors may vary slightly due to printed/web color. Color accuracy varies depending on monitor calibration; real samples are available in our showroom .

* All the dimensions approximation, please allow 1mm to 3mm difference.

* KLT reserves the right to correct errors and misprints and to change product specifications.

Delivery Details


For details of freight charges, please click here

All delivery services are subject to the following conditions:

  • If you are not at home at the time of delivery, we will charge a fee of HK$200 to reschedule
  • A door-to-door surcharge per item should apply to delivery locations with stair access only, or items that cannot be transported by elevator in your building due to their size
  • Delivery Hours: Mon-Sat Office Hours (9am-6pm)
  • No delivery on Sundays and public holidays

For buildings without elevators or products that can only be accessed by stairs, an additional shipping fee will be charged(The charges are as follows, depending on Quantity, if any question, please contact KLT )

Level 1 or above

HKD 150


HKD 300


HKD 600


HKD 900


HKD 1200

5/F or better

The fee is negotiable, please contact KLT

What you need to know about delivery service arrangements

  1. Areas where delivery services cannot be provided include: restricted areas, road sections where trucks of 5.5 metric tons or more cannot enter, exhibition venues, warehouses, hotels, decoration units, houseboats/boats, construction sites, container terminals, and goods that must be hung from the balcony to enter the house The location where the internal or on-site environment does not allow the delivery of the purchased goods If the goods need to be delivered to the passenger terminal, the customer must arrange the sea delivery and loading and unloading of the goods by himself
  2. The delivery service charge is within 100 meters between the unloading point and the delivery address, otherwise the delivery team appointed by IKEA will directly charge a handling fee of HK$200 and provide a receipt

All transportation services are arranged by KLT. If no one answers the delivery address on the day of delivery, a delivery fee of $200 will be charged due to the need to arrange delivery again, depending on the payment area.

  • Because the delivery service is arranged in the form of outsourcing, all damages caused by the delivery process and installation (including the building facilities of the delivery address, the customer's home facilities, decoration and supplies), the customer must discuss and resolve with the transport personnel by themselves scheme, KLT will not participate in it
  • If the day of delivery encounters bad weather, severe flooding, road blockage or closure, the delivery service may be delayed or suspended We will contact the customer by phone to make arrangements
  • If the distance between the delivery address and the permitted parking location is more than one street or 100 meters is more than one unit, an additional fee will be charged for the delivery service ($200)

No returns accepted If the product has a quality problem due to a factory defect, the customer must contact KLT before signing the receipt document . If KLT confirms that the quality problem is caused by a factory defect, KLT will arrange further inspection and replace the parts Repaired productsNo exchange or refund

Quality problems do not include the following:

  • Due to the natural characteristics of the material or artificial materials, there may be differences between the product and the photo, such as color difference, leather grain, wood grain and fabric sofa line
  • Damage from improper installation, use, storage or accident, and normal wear and tear
  • Goods that have been installed, disassembled, modified, or moved by customers themselves
  • If the customer finds out that the product has quality problems due to factory defects after signing the receipt document, and even needs to replace parts or repair, the customer must bear the shipping cost
  • Delivery Hours: Mon-Sat Office Hours (9am-6pm)
  • No delivery on Sundays and public holidays
  • KLT reserves the right to make the final decision on all inspection fees, transportation fees or dismantling fees that need to be charged
  • All product dimensions are approximate and may vary by approximately 1mm to 3mm
  • In case of any dispute, KLT Furniture reserves the right of final decision


The product takes one month to one and a half months to ship


No returns accepted

If you have any questions about our delivery charges, please feel free to contact us at or 3611 2738

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